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I don't have severe acne, but just the occasional pimple. I'll tell you what I do.

Step 1
Grind up 4 aspirin, and 1 vitamin C pill (or use lemon juice later)

Step 2
Add a couple drops of water until you have a real thick paste. (Or use lemon juice) Add 1 - 2 drops of ammonia (windex, glass cleaner, etc)
Mix well! The aspirin and juice/citric acid will form salycitic acid.

It needs to be thickened... Add a tiny amount of neosporin, hemmorhoid ointment/cream (anti-inflammatory, gets rid of redness) and toothpaste (very drying, good for whiteheads) you should end up with a paste that sticks to the skin very well.

Put a small amount on the zit- Moisten your finger with some water, and you'll be able to smooth it on the skin better. Be prepared- It might burn a tiny bit. (I'm a 28 year old man and it burns a little...)

Let it dry on the skin. When it's dry enough that it falls off, wash with spearmint hand soap and reapply.

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Sounds like something that either burns your skin to hell, physically scars you for life, or releases deadly, toxic fumes when mixed together. NOT TRYING THIS!

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