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Gone in 24 hours!!

After reading many posts, I decided to apply tea tree oil mixed with plain vaseline. (Take a tube of plain vaseline lip balm and a couple drops of tea tree oil and mix it together in a small jar) clean the site often with antibacterial hand soap and pat dry, and apply your little jar of tea tree balm. It was CHEAP and in only 24 hours, only a little rednesss remained. I continued, and 48 hours later it was like it was never there. Before I tried this, I was struggling for 3 months! YAY!

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I suspect gum disease and a couple of abcessed teeth caused this for me. (I'm uninsured and can't afford care. Unfortunately, I don't qualify for any assistance programs because eligibility are based on gross income rather than net.) What finally helped the skin to stop peeling and the redness to diminish was: cleaning the area with hydrogen peroxide, followed by hand sanitizer, applying a thick layer of miconazole [yeast infection] cream and covering that with a dab of Aquaphor ointment. I did this routine 4 times a day- in the morning, after lunch, when I got home from work and right before bed. By day 2 it was looking and feeling much better!

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