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I was given the advice from a Veterinarian Assistant to use Borax detergent all inside the house and on the dogs bed, since Does not hurt the pets and IT WORKED wonders!! Nothing else needed!!

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DO NOT breath diatomaceous earth. There is no way to get out of your lungs!!!!! If you use it use a filter mask at the very least. It is just like silica, which can poison you. Both are very fine dust. Just use caution. Look it up.


if i remember correctly, DE works because it is microscopically razor sharp dust, and when the fleas are in the larva stage ( no exoskeleton) the DE cuts and kills em while crawling around. Now, fleas have a life cycle(3-4 weeks i think) so it takes at least that long before all the eggs in your house have had a chance to hatch and be killed. Also, if the DE gets wet, it is NOT effective. I dont know bout putting it on pets, but i thought i would share what i do know. it helped us in GA years ago, but you have to apply it to ALL carpet/upholstery (under beds, in closets, etc ) good luck all!!


I have 3 dogs and this year is the worst for flees for them. Never hade a problem in earlier years , I tried flee baths, the viles u put on the back if there neck, even rubbing garlic over there fur. I am going to use the borax in the carpets, but is it toxic to birds? cant wait for the first frost, is it true it kills all the flees?

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