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I was given the advice from a Veterinarian Assistant to use Borax detergent all inside the house and on the dogs bed, since Does not hurt the pets and IT WORKED wonders!! Nothing else needed!!

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My daughter used the chemical sprays and aerosols but they didnt work. She tried the borax soap and it worked. She was told the best way to test for fleas was to put a pan of warm soapy water on the floor with a light and the fleas will jump right in. The soap kills the fleas.


Can you put it straight on your pet?


do i need to dilute this with water? or just plain as it is?


I have used Borax in the carpets and also kills the flea eggs. I jus it down for a few days then vacuumed it up.


I was told that powdered borax is deadly to your pets but you can use it on carpets (keeping pets away while doing it) Vacuum before letting pets back in that area .


What good is this if no one answers your questions. Especially about does it harm your animal or can you use it on your animal? I hope someone comes up with an answer.


Borax is often used as a pesticide to kill pests and insects. It can be very harmful--even fatal--if ingested by pets, so be sure your pets don't come into contact with it.


Can you use it out doors or what can I do for it..plz help


I also have read that borax can harm the animal. Do not put it on him directly. Just the rug, then vacuum later, but keep the dog out while it is there.

Chris (BS Chem. Eng.)

All Borates (Boraxo, Borax powder, Boric acid, etc) are toxic to some degree. (google MSDS-Boric Acid) The best truly 100\\% non-toxic method/substance I've used is food-grade diatomaceous earth, available at Lowes, Home Dept, etc very cheap. Some people eat 1/2 cup a day (that's how non-toxic it is to non-bugs) and farmers use it in feed and grains to keep bugs out of their livestock and grain silos (It's already in the foods you eat that contain any grains) Google 'diatomaceous earth' for more info.

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