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I had an ingrown toenail - near the top of my big toe. The nail had been cut out and was growing back but it wanted to grow back into the nail bed. I used dental floss to gently pull the nail up and then slid a doubled over piece of surgical tape behind the toenail - sticky sides were turned in together - I didn't want tape on the sensitive nail bed. I then taped over the nail to keep the surgical tape in place. I changed it every other day, washed the toe with warm water and soap, and within a week, the toe had healed and the nail was no longer ingrown. The dental floss was much easier to use than the toothpick and it didn't hurt as much.

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I had a severe ingrown toenail on my right big toe..Dr. Pack, in Conroe, fixed me right up. His treatment made sure it would never come back again. He is a great podiotrist. Hurting bad now on my left big toe so I'm going to try the toothfloss bit after soaking it in Epson salts. Will still go see Dr. Pack tomorrow. He is the best foot dr, ever, Took care of my small bunions also. I keep good care of my feet. Gotta wear pretty shoes.

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