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ken perkins

apply clorox bleach directly to bite or sting will kill sting will not get infected works great on all bites and stings [does not hurt] use 2 or 3 times if you want

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Bleach is Toxic.........
'It is a respiratory irritant. It also attacks mucous membranes and burns the skin'




you have my vote i just tried it on my thumb. it's literally gone in 1 hr.
it worked immediately i used a qtip amount, thats all it took. yes it's toxic but u r only using a DAB, i hate pain and it took the STING away immediately and immediately stopped the swelling and in 1 hr the spot is even gone! i have no allergies that i know of. worth a try.


I did this once for a few bites. Wasn't a good idea, chemicals stung and dried out the skin so itching was worse.


Yes, let's put a toxic substance onto an open wound.
This is ridiculous. And you clearly need educating about what unnatural chemicals actually do to us.


I've not tried Clorox on bug bites but I do know that it is a quick and effective treatment for ringworm. Ringworm is highly contagious and spreads quickly. Put Clorox on cotton ball and dab on ringworm site(s). Repeat in a couple of hours and guaranteed to be gone. The toxic elements in Clorox is effective in killing ringworm.

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