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When you have yellow mucus (infection) what works for me in Oil of Oregano. It is a natural antibiotic and it works wonders especially for upper respiratory infection. If you happen to go on a pharmaceutical antibiotic, the yeast infection you get from them can also be cured by the Oil of Oregano. I get mine from Wholefoods market.

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How much would i give my Seven year old


Yellow mucus does not mean that you have an infection. Colored mucus doesn't mean anything it's the length of time that you had the sinus problem that indicates infection. You have to have a sinus issue for two weeks before it is an infection

michael davis

I was on a z pac my gut was killing me this worked on my stomach quickly?Why?


I have been using oil of originator ever since I was bitten by a spider on my right arm which had swelled up my arm to 3 x it size. So I had gone and spoke with a pharmacist at Walgreen's to find

out what type of ointment would be best t use, and he had responded by telling me that there is No ointment available that would be capable of clearing up this bite, and he continued on by advising

me to get to the hospitals emergency room immediately, as he had never witnessed anyone else arm

swelled up so badly. But instead of taking his advise, I had gone over to the natural herbs and

health food store that I had been going to for several years prior. And after seeing the condition

of my arm, it was recommended that I use the oil of oregano, by the store owner and both of his employees. And as I had applied just a few drops onto the bite itself, I was totally amazed on

the results after just one day. This oil had drained all of the poison from my arm right out

through the spider bite, alleviating 90\\\\\% of the swelling, and at that point with applying just a couple more drops, my arm was completely back to normal by the third day with basically no signs

of where the bite had been. Since then I have used this oil for so many different things, besides

introducing the oil of oregano to many others who I felt could really benefit by clearing up so

many different types of ongoing illnesses that they have had for several years, that couldn't be

corrected with any of the medicine that were prescribed to them. But this just another one of Gods many many miracles that he has given us through natures resources .

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