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Bob K.

I've had mouth ulcers for as long as l can remember-- some 30-40years ( Im 68) . My mother swore by Tincture of Benzoin and it works great !! Dip a q-tip into the solution and dab it onto the ulcer just as soon as you become aware of it's presence. Do this as many times a day as practical. If caught early they usually heal in 2-4 days and alleviate the pain. If you have an advanced ulcer it will definitely sting and be painful when first applied ,but the pain quickly subsides and you'll feel a soothing relief. It's an over the counter remedy that is available in any drugstore ,but nowadays you'll have to ask the pharmacist for a bottle. Most pharmacies will stock 1-2 bottles. Or you can order on-line from the mfgrs like Humco & Swan. The original formula was a very dark tincture but many of the newer formulations are clear. It sticks like 'glue' to anything (which is why it works so well in the mouth) so be careful not to spill in the sink etc ... You' ll have to scrub like crazy to get the compond removed !! If you Google , it will be called Benzoin Compond or Tincture of Benzoin. Since it's an Oral Mucosal Suppressant it's very effective in the treatment of any Canker sore / blister and will dry them up seemingly overnight. As soon as you feel even the slightest tingle on the lip , indicating the onset of a canker, immediately apply the Tincture to the area. You'll be very glad you did !

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Bob K.

PS: Correction, I should have said ' Tincture of Benzoin is an Oral Mucosal Protectant' as opposed to a suppressant.


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