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When my 16 year old son developed plantar warts on his foot, I immediately brought him to our pediatrician for treatment. His warts were fairly large and had spread around several toes. She talked about all the medical remedies that I have seen in this post - freezing, laser removal, surgery etc. But before she sent us down that path, she suggested that we first try a remedy that she had read about - taking Tagamet once a day. I could not believe or understand why an antacid treatment would work for Plantar warts - but I was willing to try anything other than conventional surgical/freezing method.
Well - I am happy to report that it worked wonders. The warts were gone within a month. He took one tablet every day and the warts just seem to dry up and go away. This was several years ago and the warts have never returned.

Well, my daughter just recently develope warts as well and I remembered the remedy we had used on our son.
Again - my daughter has been taking Tagamet once a day for about a month, and again the warts are going away.

I hope this remedy works for others as well. Quick, simple, cheap with no duct tape, ACV, Gorilla Glue (although I believe these home remedies work as well), freezing, laser etc or pain. Good luck

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Last year my whole family went to a public pool and my son picked up yes a plantar wart. Took him to our family doctor and she had told us to go to a foot doctor who the first time cut 1 out and later several appeared. I do not I REPEAT do not get a plantar wart cut out it will multiply!!! He then had to go back again and get BLISTER BEATLE JUICE put on and to put it on an 8 year old child is abuse!!! Our doctor told it would not be that bad well it was very very bad and the pain my son endured was horrific. After December it will no longer be available in the USA. Well thats what the doctor said but so glad it will, this is not for a child nor an adult. I have tried all and everything but ONE THING HAS WORKED THAT NO ONE knows about and that is one night I thought I would dab a ear swab with a little CLOROX over the plantar warts, quess what happened the next day what a sight it was already looking almost gone. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS. But its working. Not too much just a dab for a couple of nights and see what happens. There was no pain just a slight smell of clorox. Don't make it runny just enough to put on top of the plantar wart. Try this and let me know what you see. I am a believer. Also it kills 99.9\\\\\% of virus's so you be the judge....

Finally GONE


also try iodine tincture. within two weeks all signs of the warts were gone


did you cover the bleached area at all?


I had 12 warts that the doctor said would put me off my feet for 6 weeks at least. He suggested trying Tagamet. It took 6 weeks and all my warts were gone. So much better than surgery

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