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Hey everyone! I'd like to share my story to get it off my chest as it has completely taken over my life. The summer before my freshman year in high school, I was spending time with my family before going back to school. With my mom being a single mom and me being the oldest child, I had a lot on my plate and didn't have time to make bad decisions. I was always a straight A, no trouble kind of kid. I was a virgin, hell I had my FIRST kiss in 8th grade. So sex was never on my mind. I went to my aunts and uncles and I was offered my first alcoholic beverage. I was safe, at the house, with family. So I said sure, why not? It was a little cheerleader beer and I had one and got a little buzz. Needless to say, being at my FAMILIES where I thought I'd be most safe, I got raped by my own cousin, THAT NIGHT I was in excruciating pain. I thought it was just because I had been taken advantage of.. but the pain kept getting worse. The next day my Nana picked me up and knew I wasn't acting right. On top of being raped, I had EVERY flu-like symptom. I was pale in the face, my stomach was upside down and I wanted to throw up. She took me to the DR. Long story short, DR told me I was contracted with HSV. I remember thinking my life was over. I never told anybody right away what had happened, being young and scared. I kept everything to myself. My head was always down. I guess I thought that 'I HAVE HERPES' was stamped on my forehead. As depressed as I was, I knew I had to somehow better myself. I wasn't going to let myself be depressed. But me having HSV was ALWAYS on my mind 24/7. My BIGGEST fear was not being able to have a normal relationship. I wanted to get married. I LOVE babies. I wanted to be a Neonatal Nurse. I was never going to be able to have children. Then, I met a guy in high school and completely fell in love. We dated for awhile and sex was never in the picture. Well months went by and I was being told by other people to watch out, that I shouldn't be with him. But why, he was everything I wanted. One of my friends told me he had herpes. I knew it was meant to be but I couldn't tell her that. I said no, there's no way. Inside, I was overwhelmed with happiness. We dated on and off all through high school but
I was still focused on my studies. We had sex ONCE. The summer after 11th grade, I was out of town at lunch with family and didn't have service. I went to the bathroom and noticed I had a billion missed calls. I started panicking thinking something very bad must have happened. I called my best friend to make sure she was ok and she informed me he was killed in a motorcycle accident. I laid in the bathroom floor sobbing until my family came in to find me. I couldn't even talk or stand. F.M.L. NOW my life was officially over -___- Along with the stress of helping my mom constantly, being raped by my cousin and contracting HSV, and losing someone that I cared so much about, I kept pushing and did the CNA program my senior year. I graduated with my CNA and CMAA license. and I'm now in my first year of college going to school for my RN, and then will specialize as a neonatal nurse. No matter how depressed you may be, YOU HAVE TO KEEP PUSHING. You can't let HSV control your life, it's a very small fraction of who you are. I rarely have OB's but when I do, the main cause is stress. So relax, and enjoy your life. If you worry about it, HSV is going to attack you. Think positive everything will be fine.

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I am 21 years old and contracted HSV2 this past February (9months) because I was stupid and had unprotected sex with a guy I didn't know too much about. I've tried everything and outbreaks just keep happening. I haven't told anyone but I have seen a doctor. She said it wouldn't be that bad but it's ruining my life and I'm afraid of ruining someone else's life I've shut out anyone that has tried to get close to me. I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I've only had sex once since I've had it and if he gets it ill kill myself. I was so stupid and shouldn't have put him in this position. I just want there to be a cure I'm so sick of feeling like this. I don't know how much longer I can live like this.

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