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So i have a toothache, i tried vanilla extract worked wonders until my body got use to it. put a half capful and swished around(do not try this with lemon extract burns like **** and my mouth watered for 30 mins. like i had a fresh lemon in my mouth!!) when that stopped , i used ground cloves, again worked but stopped working NO pain meds worked otc or perscription for me anyway. but alas some relief, used vicks vapor rub, on a qtip applied to the hole in my tooth, 30 mins so far so good hopefully continues 4 more days til dentist!!!!i

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vicks i love you so far so good


The Vicks works thank u for that!!!!!!


garlic works! instantly... yes it burns but for me it did like 2 seconds and almost no pain now. Thank you so much!




Vic's did not work at all. Plus it says do not use in mouth. Is there a certain kind?


Vicks worked somewhat for me also

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