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I've had a toothache for 4 days now. I've been in tears of how excruciating the pain is.

The first night I rinsed with a peroxide mixture and it only relieved the pain while it was in my mouth.

I tried sore throat spray and I didn't feel much relief.

Finally I took 600 mg ibuprofen pm and was able to sleep.

I'm still in pain on and off, my dentist appointment is in 4 more days. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive until then. Right now I soaked a cotton ball in vanilla extract dipped in ground cloves and placed it between my tooth and cheek. Hopefully I can get some relief.

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hi there. i had the same problem a few weeks ago. try and get antibiotics for the time being, it really helps to get rid of the infection, thus reducing the pain. I also went to the hospital to get injections for pain. i took them for three days. one injection lasts for 12 hours. so i was able to sleep. :)


try along with the pure vanela exstract, and ground cloves, add some Cinnamon Oil flavoring to it, mix all three, to help you heal get you 5000 mg of vitamin C every day for a week, then drop down to 2000 mg, get some calcium magnesium zinc with vitamin d,this will help teeth grow and heal, get you some, activated charcoal powder, pure form to engest, a spoon mixed with water to drink, it will help get rid of infection,

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