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I have suffered constipation all my life .Ever since I moved to the Us , as surely as the cool temperatures hit the winter so also my constipation. I feel like I am birthing a baby. I have tried every thing from drinking the 8 glasses of water a day (which helps in relieving my constipation only in the summer,exercising, higher fiber intake ( which is really difficult since I am a limited eater and eating more fibrous foods makes me feel so bloated and limit my veggies. I even tried Metamucil but my stomach hurts with that. I drink a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon of Metamucil now sometimes just to increase fiber intake. The one thing which worked for me is prune juice. An online article says to drink 2 glasses. Try to see how much works for you as this juice causes watery stools in some people. For me it worked magic. I did not have pain. My stools were soft as in summer, no burning, itching, straining. I am grateful. Seriously. No hassel of buying and mixing 2/3 juice types. No peeling and chopping fruits and mixing with their juices. No need to buy any oils , herbal supplements. Just head to Walmart and get that juice box and drink away.Also if you decide to eat ripe pruunes instead, then eat six to 12 prunes throughout the day --- with your meals, between meals or a combination of both.

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May Allah bless you with your remedy it's absolutely the right remedy and it cost nothing compare to full of chemical pharmacies!


Worked for me! Thanks so much! Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I definitely wanted to get rid of it by then! LOL


Thanks bro. It really did work for me. I was suffering from constipation as if I was giving birth to a baby. It was unbearable pain. Thanks a lot.

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