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I have been living with HSV since 1988. Initially, outbreaks were frequent and bad. I then tried acyclovir as suppressive therapy, which reduced my outbreaks to a several a year. After several years of taking acyclovir and discussions with my Dr., I decided to stop taking acyclovir as suppressive therapy and would only use it during an outbreak. But I did not find the acyclovir very effective in reducing the length or severity of the outbreak, so I eventually stopped using it. As the years passed, the outbreaks became less frequent...under normal circumstances, about once per year. But the times I was under significant stress could trigger an outbreak. For me (and many here), stress can be the determining factor in having an outbreak. What has worked for me: take care of yourself. Eat properly, exercise, get proper rest, and try to keep your stress levels down. Take supplements. L- lysine taken at the first symptoms has averted outbreaks for me. Tea tree oil and vitamin E salve have been helpful in clearing up outbreaks more quickly for me. There is no magic cure-all for this disease, but if you take care of yourself you will likely have fewer outbreaks over the years and they can be less intense. Life goes on, so don't beat yourself up over this. You can live a happy life.

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I have had GH since about 1985. I have about 2-3 outbreaks a year - mostly a flu-like feeling comes on, a tingling in my vaginal area and I get a bit depressed, irritable and withdrawn. I stopped taking Acyclovir many years ago as it was no longer working in terms of reducing the issues mentioned above. For me, it is healthy living, lots of sleep and removing myself from situations where I know I might be irritable with those I love. I am curious about the comments I've read here about l-cystine?(I am hoping that's what I read..can't go back to the page). Where did this information come from? Okay - much light to you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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