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1. Stay relaxed, happy, grateful, and carefree. Stress is the number one cause of skin problems.

2. Take the following supplements - probiotics, olivenol, evening primrose oil, and chlorella (for your liver).

3. Take care of your liver. Liver disfunction causes eczema and allergies (amongst other problems).

4. Stay away from all forms of medication unless absolutely necessary. Meds screw up your liver.

5. Use shea nut body butter and shower cream (available at Body Shop). It has moisturizing and healing properties.

6. Don't scratch.

7. Stop giving attention to your eczema. By your attention to things, you are making choices.

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what are you talking about. how is my 9 year old stressed.


By giving this post attention I made a choice. A bad one.


Actually i was stressed as a child and people dismissed it as a attempt for attention.


Stop giving attention to eczema?? You've obviously never struggled with real eczema or you'd know better than to say something stupid like that. I'd like you to have my hands for a day when I have a really bad flare up!!


Some of what you say is true. Eczema can be related to stress and yes, nine year olds can react to things they find stressful with skin flare ups. I did when I was nine! But for you to say to stop giving it attention, is unrealistic. I have tried that and unless you are able to stop and counter the stress and other causes, your number 7 will NOT work. I have tried to not feed into it and then it has gotten tons worse.

Try to be be more empathetic.

Anonymous ignoring every problem you have is the magic cure? im going to need to try that. brilliant insight


I was pretty stressed as a child, (certainly children can be stressed by many events) and I've always had eczema since I can remember. I remember having cracks behind my ears, very painful. I want to know if there is a difference between eczema and psoriasis because I've been told differing opinions. I still don't really know if it's psoriasis or what...conflicting descriptions.


I truly like this remedy. I don't think they're indicating to ignore the eczema, but not to obsesses over, if it were that easy...overall the idea is worth trying!


My 2 yr old isnt even aware of the red patches on her back from excema. Ridiculous.

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