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I've just tried this for the first time because I'm desperate to find something that works. Dab about a half a tea-spoon of tiger balm on a tissue folded to a small size. Cover that with another tissue so there is no actual skin contact with the tiger balm. Hold the tissue in or under your nasal passage, which will only give a bit of relief. Follow up by holding the tissue firmly against the different sinus points. soon you should be able to actually blow your nose and your eyes will water. It takes away so much of the congestion pain. Not sure how long it works for yet, but it's definitely giving me some relief.

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because every one has tiger balm -_-
its 3 am. i need something fast


I have some...soil gonna yet this right now!!!




I use toger balm all the time on my back never thought to use it for my sinuses ty :)

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