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I had this for two months and finally decided to read up on it on the internet to cure it. Much of what I am saying is a summary from others. Note I am not a doctor. This worked for me although there are many causes so it may not work the same for you. I think my root cause was extra dry lips that cracked and got saliva, fungus, and bacteria in the cracks from my mouth especially when I slept.

A. No amount of lip balm, moisturizer, or cold sore cures did anything (I tried them all!). I found the lip balm that worked best for my dry lips was Blistex medicated lip ointment. It didn't cure me but it made my lips feel good. Original Burts bees and carmex are nice too.

B. I bought a humidifier but I don't think that helped too much

C. I took a multi-vitamin, a B-Complex, Lysine and iron (sometimes) but they didn't cure it (I guess they didn't hurt it either). Most web posters think the B-Complex is the most important.

D. First I needed to kill the fungus and bacteria. Apple Cider Vinegar seemed to work for the fungus and bacterial and so did Ethyl Alcohol (for the bacteria) but they were too harsh for my lips and irritated them (I never tried Bleach because that seemed harsh too).

E. I recommend keeping the corners clean with anti-bacteria soap (letting it dry) and then putting an anti-fugus cream on it like clotrimazole or Monistat three times a day. Not more because you you need to give it time to dry out and the cream keeps it moist. Putting Baking soda on it didn't do much of anything.

F. Also keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and rinsing with salt water or diluted hydrogen peroxide. It wont cure you but it will keep the fungus and bacterial out of it.

F. In between put a petrolatum based ointment on it if you need to so it doesn't keep cracking. Not a cream but an ointment worked the best. I used a triple antibiotic ointment. Some people like Aquophor, some people use vaseline, or vaseline with oils added.

G. In one week the fungus and bacterial were killed and the corners of my lips looked much better. After one more week I was able to get the cracks fully healed. It will take a third week for all of the redness to dis-appear. Give it time, if you slip -up t will crack again and you may have to start all over. Try not to eat big sandwiches and drink from straws :-).

H. To fully cure the cracks, at the end of week 2 and into week 3, so that it will heal more quickly and remove the redness more quickly, I used a Hydrocortisone ointment and some Vitamin E oil.

I hope this works for you. Take Care.....

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Meredith P.

I've had cracked corners in my mouth off and on for years. I have found that taking a good multivitamin paired with prescription Nystantin ointment from my dentist has really helped. I don't know if dry mouth is connected but I have that as well and since starting Biotene for dry mouth I've noticed improvement with my lips' cracking. Hope this will help some of you!! Those cracks can really hurt!


I too have had this for years. Not so much off & on...mostly ON. I am so relieved/happy that there are so many more posts about this than there was the last time I looked. I still have not found an answer. This is a chronic issue for me. But, at the moment, it's only one side of my mouth. Other side is perfect. Someone mentioned palmolive. I had tried that - because someone was selling that 'cure' information - but it never worked for me. I'm going to read through all of these posts again - & then try to determine which way to go/what to do. Thank you, everyone!


PLEASE get a prescription for Clobetasol Propionate Cream, USP, 0.05\\\\\\%.
This cured my problem in 2 days and it has never returned.

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