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My husband has suffered from acne for many years of his life. Some people just have acne on their face, some like my husband, has it terribly all over their entire body. It's embarrassing, and painful physically and emotionally. My husband tried literally everything. I was determined to get rid of his acne one way or another. So one day I was shopping at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of head and shoulders. I discovered that by washing your skin with head and shoulders it clears up acne with-in a matter of days! His acne on his entire body went away in 3 days. It works! My husband is the happiest he's been in years about his skin, and who would know that just a bottle of head and shoulders could do the trick!

For instructions, I recommend you apply head and shoulders to the skin where acne is present and lather really well. If you have extremely bad acne on different parts of your body, I recomment you bathe twice a day and lather very well and keep your skin as dry as possible. This remedy has done wonders for my husband, and I know it can do wonders for you!

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this works great! i had bad acne on my back, a little on my upper thighs (right beneath my butt), and it was so bad on my chest that i would not wear low cut shirts. after the first time i used head and shoulders i could see the difference! i still have a few little bumps here and there, but you can hardly see them. i was skeptical at first, but i'm really glad i gave it a try!


I just stumbled across this page, ive tried everything, christ sake i hope this works, im on day 2.


well, i juss tried this, and i think it may be the break of embarrasment, Everywhere i went i knew pepole were juss lookin at my acne. but my skin feels sooo much betterr. im going somewhere tommorow. hopefully somethings will change. thank you for this post. <3


Can you use any type of head and shoulders shampoo?


and how long are you supposed to leave it on? PLZ ANSWER! I have big sore red pimples all over my forehead and i had to get a sidebang to cover it up and this is really bad because im only 12


This sounds great, Im really excited to try it, but I also have a question. Will this work on blemishes as well, I have a moderate amount of acne but Im also looking for a way to get rid of the awful dark marks the acne leaves behind....anyone that has personal experience please reply!!! Thanks


I just read this over the weekend and so far so good, I have used dandruff shampoo, just store brand once a day, mainly at night for 3 days now, and am already seeing an improvement. If you start to get dryness, just use a little moisturizer. I also starting using honey for scaring. With the honey you only apply 2-3 times a week, yes it is sticky, leave it on for 5-15 minutes, depending on how much you can stand it, rinse your face in cold water. What I do is splash my face with warm water, lather the dandruff shampoo, rinse in cold, let air dry, apply the honey, rinse again in cool water, not too cold, and I have noticed in just a few days a difference already.


i am scared i want to take them away the acne but it might not work how do i just take them away without haven them come back


I read this post about 4 weeks ago and decided to give it a try.
I noticed an improvment on my back the next day. Within a week, I was about 90% clear, which is a tremendous improvement. I'm 40 and have tried everything possible, including prescriptions and ProActiv.

I continue using it each morning and my skin is getting a little better each day. I'd say I'm 95% better than when I started.

I hope to be 100% clear by year end.

This is the best solution I've found.


I've been trying this for a week now and have seen no improvement at all. I do it twice a day, and nothing. thank you for the suggestion and that's great that it has worked for many, but it did nothing for me. I already had a bottle of Head and Shoulders in the house, so I figured I'd try it. but now I'm just an asshole who is rubbing shampoo on their face :p

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