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My husband has suffered from acne for many years of his life. Some people just have acne on their face, some like my husband, has it terribly all over their entire body. It's embarrassing, and painful physically and emotionally. My husband tried literally everything. I was determined to get rid of his acne one way or another. So one day I was shopping at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of head and shoulders. I discovered that by washing your skin with head and shoulders it clears up acne with-in a matter of days! His acne on his entire body went away in 3 days. It works! My husband is the happiest he's been in years about his skin, and who would know that just a bottle of head and shoulders could do the trick!

For instructions, I recommend you apply head and shoulders to the skin where acne is present and lather really well. If you have extremely bad acne on different parts of your body, I recomment you bathe twice a day and lather very well and keep your skin as dry as possible. This remedy has done wonders for my husband, and I know it can do wonders for you!

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I have acne all over my face. I really hope this works!


It's been 16 days, and there is no longer any doubt that head and shoulders has worked wonders on my back acne. My skin still isn't perfect back there, but it is 80% better. No deep painful pimples, no big ugly scabs... Just a few spots.

It is my goal to have a clear back by summer, and I am so happy to have found this regimin! Once a day, I let the h&s sit on my back for a minute, and then wash it off with a washcloth. I take vitamin d supplements, fish oil, a multi vitamin, and a tablespoon of brewers yeast in the morning. I have stopped using conditioner and rinse my hair instead with acv and water. (my hair is softer and shinier than ever).

I also suffer from mild eczema and regularly get hives across my hips and lower back. I am going to eliminate sugar from my diet and see if that can take me that last 20% to perfect skin.

I will keep y'all posted!


Hello there...this remedy really DOES least for are a few precautions...wash your face thoroughly after applying H&S as any traces of it will make your skin too dry...and ..apply moisturizer as soon as you've washed your face OR your facial skin will be dehydrated..


I am 14 with acne on my forehead & chin. Acne has made me so insecure and it really just made me depressed. After many months of trying so MANY acne clenser, I have given hope. Yesterday I had run across about this and luckily I had this shampoo. I used it and my face feels so much softer. My acne seems to calm down alittle too, so I'm really hoping it does help me. I'll write back after using it for a week. Thanks so much Bobbie!


Hey guys I'm 15 and don't really have acne I have pimples here and there but I feel like when one goes away another one comes so it never really seems to go away. I'm going to buy a small bottle tonight and I'll be updating in a couple days.

P.S. If you are really into trying to treat your acne or pimples, try to take the time to read earlier comments because the majority of the questions you are asking have been answered numerous of times.

1. some other kind of H & S like instead of classic seem to work for some people
4. Keep on for no longer than a min in a half to two min

Hope this helps :)


I'm 13 years old and I've been getting a lot of pimples on my forehead lately. I've tried all kinds of soaps and treatments but nothing seems to work. And I had to get bangs to cover my pimples on my forehead, and it really looked childish. But when I read this, I gave it a try and it was AMAZING!!! My pimples cleared away in exactly a week and I'm very pleased thanks a lot!!


To tell you the truth honey works the best on pimples and any other disturbing feature on your face and it gives your face a natural gleamy and shiny glow i hope you try it its one of the best remedies out there you will find so give it a shot you might just be asking for more
Btw honey is made from the process of bees collecting pollen and making honey from their stomache and releasing it by producing it from their stomache just to let you know because others are very clueless well goodbye and dont ever forget this comment in your life maybe someday it will come in handy!!


How long should i leave it on my face?

leo girl

in on 5 days using H&S its help to less The on my pimPle, its really help. although its slow effect. i need more time and be patient. i hope my pimple will gone

laguna, philippines

im not lucky, is not work on me. ill try it for one week, my pimple are not gone. it lessen the red bump, and after usin h&S some brakeout appears in my forehead, chick ,& chin. i wish my pimple will disappear in a natural way,

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