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My husband has suffered from acne for many years of his life. Some people just have acne on their face, some like my husband, has it terribly all over their entire body. It's embarrassing, and painful physically and emotionally. My husband tried literally everything. I was determined to get rid of his acne one way or another. So one day I was shopping at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of head and shoulders. I discovered that by washing your skin with head and shoulders it clears up acne with-in a matter of days! His acne on his entire body went away in 3 days. It works! My husband is the happiest he's been in years about his skin, and who would know that just a bottle of head and shoulders could do the trick!

For instructions, I recommend you apply head and shoulders to the skin where acne is present and lather really well. If you have extremely bad acne on different parts of your body, I recomment you bathe twice a day and lather very well and keep your skin as dry as possible. This remedy has done wonders for my husband, and I know it can do wonders for you!

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I'm going to try this.... if it makes my acne worse.... im gonna be mad -_- lol jk but thanks for the idea and i will surely try it :)


Well ive tried it but the 2 in 1 it kindA works but not as good as the regular one

Hoping to become spotless!

Hi, I am only 12 and have had acne for about a year now. I really hate it! I have recently moved into a relationship and really want to get rid of my acne now!I got onto this website from one with the salt wash then honey. I did what it said, but I didn't notice much difference at all, then I tried the honey, and surprisingly it took some of the redness away, but my acne is still very noticeable. Tonight I am going to try the Head and Shoulders trick - fingers crossed it works - because school is back in a few days and I really want to impress my boyfriend!I have tried Clearasil, and it seemed to work for the first few tries. I recently started using the cream to make a kinda face mask and wear it over night, but lately, it has just made my acne way worse! I really hope H&S works, and it seems to for some many people. So please, hope for me as well. I will revisit this site if I notice a different.

Almost Spotless Now!

Head and Sholders Didn't Work For Me (Sadly)

But every day I have been putting honey on my acne and in 2 days my skin is smooth and almost completely clear! Try it because it worked for me (I am wearing honey on my face right now!) I wear it all day for the best result ( and all night)

Try It!


Hi my name's Irene and i have a lot of blackheads on my back and my face and i breakout a lot often. I've tried Proactive and a lot of other products but they don't seem to help. I'm reading all these posts and it seems like Head & Shoulders has worked for a lot of ppl. I'm desperate and I don't feel confident because of my skin. I want to try this but I'm not sure which H&S shampoo is it! Can someone please tell me which one is the one that works!?!? I'm 17 yrs old and I've been having this problem since I was 15.


should i use this in addition to an acne treatment? im currently using x out and it isnt working too well so should i do both or stop the x out when i try this? plz email me at with the answer.


ok so i just tried this thing. Left it on for 1-2 mins then washed it off. I havent noticed anything significant, but i hope after a few tries ill have clear smooth skin. Please wish me luck!


Just asking can i put on pamolive anti dandruff on my achne or can i just put any shampoo of my choice??


Does it matter if you put it on with hot water or cold water i need at know ASAP i start school next thursday and I want to get some fast results.

IHopeThisIsWorth$6.50USD - LOL

I think I am going to give this a shot! *Crosses fingers*

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