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My husband has suffered from acne for many years of his life. Some people just have acne on their face, some like my husband, has it terribly all over their entire body. It's embarrassing, and painful physically and emotionally. My husband tried literally everything. I was determined to get rid of his acne one way or another. So one day I was shopping at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of head and shoulders. I discovered that by washing your skin with head and shoulders it clears up acne with-in a matter of days! His acne on his entire body went away in 3 days. It works! My husband is the happiest he's been in years about his skin, and who would know that just a bottle of head and shoulders could do the trick!

For instructions, I recommend you apply head and shoulders to the skin where acne is present and lather really well. If you have extremely bad acne on different parts of your body, I recomment you bathe twice a day and lather very well and keep your skin as dry as possible. This remedy has done wonders for my husband, and I know it can do wonders for you!

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so i posted the comment above^^

i tried it the same day and OMG i can alredy see a difference! the redness has calmed and exsisting pimples have slowly became smaller and less noticable.

I used a generic head and shoulders from the doller store with 1% zinc and washed w/ hot water and applied a thin smooth layer to my face for about 90 seconds DO NOT RUB IN! after 90seconds rinse with hot water as well:)


hey its me again from the comment above^^
this stuff is great! its only day2 and my face is feeling amazing!! my pimples are drying up and my skin is smooth! i'll keep posting updates! stay tuned!


from above again^^^

day 3 usin H&S> its great!

Try it out!

My face is smooth and fresh!
My dream has come true! IM ON THE PATH TO CLEAR SKIN!



does this really work i hope so im buying some today

michelle kellie sophia dawn faith michael jackson (11 years old)

ok so ive been going through mii puberty stage wen i get alot of acne and scars from things and i am completely tired of ppl telling me that i need to try some certain things that r terribly tough on mii skin so i looked up home remedies for acne on google and this was one of the things that popped up COUNTLESS times recomended from patiants of this product and i checked it out. i relized that if i used head and shoulders it MIGHT make mii skin break out but i looked at some AMAZING before and after shots on youtube and the outragous amounts of pimples and zits showed and then the product of this head and shoulders completed the patiants face of acne! ive never tried this b4 and i just hope that this will work on an 11 year olds face! mii school has a choir concert tomorrow on tuesday dec. 15th 2009 and im truely embarassed to show mii face around the boy i like which his name is andy and he is so hot but i have to cover mii face with mii hair to be around him bcuz i heard he makes fun of ppl who have pimples and were like best buds and im so embarassed! i hope this works!!


ok well I am about to try this out, I REALLY REALLY hope it works because I have been searching every where for something that works and so far they have all failed me!! I only have mild - acne but it is still visible so I hope this really works for me.. I will repost the results in 2 weeks to see if there has been any changes


Hi everyone!! I have read every comment and it seems to work, but I am a little hesitant. But I will try it! I am a PROACTIVE USER and i have been using it for 3 years. I am noticing that PROACTIVE is starting to give out. It is not working!! I have also tried natural remedies. I will post in a couple of days and see if the head and shoulders really work.

Thank you sooo much for posting this.
God bless for you and your husband!!


im really scared to try this,


It has been 3 days since I tried the head and shoulders shampoo on my face. So far I have seen that my skin is softer and more cleaner, but the parts of my skin, like my cheeks and chin, are starting to get a little red and irritated by the shampoo. Now I am trying just on my forehead, so for new time users, if you have sensitive skin, make sure you apply the shampoo no more than 1 min. and only apply to needed area like the pimple area.

Hope this helps!!!


I am from the comment above, too. So now I am starting to notice that I am getting a lot of pimples between my eyebrows. If anyone knows any remedies, please post!!


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