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My husband has suffered from acne for many years of his life. Some people just have acne on their face, some like my husband, has it terribly all over their entire body. It's embarrassing, and painful physically and emotionally. My husband tried literally everything. I was determined to get rid of his acne one way or another. So one day I was shopping at the grocery store, and picked up a bottle of head and shoulders. I discovered that by washing your skin with head and shoulders it clears up acne with-in a matter of days! His acne on his entire body went away in 3 days. It works! My husband is the happiest he's been in years about his skin, and who would know that just a bottle of head and shoulders could do the trick!

For instructions, I recommend you apply head and shoulders to the skin where acne is present and lather really well. If you have extremely bad acne on different parts of your body, I recomment you bathe twice a day and lather very well and keep your skin as dry as possible. This remedy has done wonders for my husband, and I know it can do wonders for you!

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By the way i used 2 in 1 and although my acne is very mild now it is breakout free. 2 in 1 actually worked very well thoug my face feels a bit tight but smooth. Put a thin layer of water inurface then apply H&S and massage for a minute then leave on for 30-60 seconds thhhhhhhen wash.


I have actually been using H&S 2 in 1 in my face lol and it works. Now im gonna try the normal H&S shampoo see if it works better. btw 2 in 1 has my face pretty clear i like it. A bit too dry so i have to buy a moisturizer


i just went out and bought head and shoulders classic clean shampoo (the one with the zinc not selenium) for my moderate acne (and scarring). i was a little skeptical but i did my research and saw others with positive results. that sold me, so i took a shower and i washed my face with it. not so bad so far, my skin feels pretty smooth, and dry, but not any drier than my skin would be with my usual cleanser. i used a dash of moisturizer for some dry spots and as of right now there are some pink blemishes on my skin, not zits, but those fleshy pink areas, but those usually clear out after i drink some water. my skin feels tighter, but not in a bad way. i'm gonna wash my face again tonight and see how it goes, i'll keep updating!


day three. continuing to wash my face once a day with head and shoulders and there's an improvement already!


day seven
looking good, clearing up. spots aren't as red and old marks seem to be fading. my skin is softer, clearer and smoother.
can't wait to see more improvement. i'd say we're at 60% now, let's hope it continues.


hmmm... i am gonna try at cause i have acne at my chest area and my back. what king of head and shoulders?


hmm... i've seen a lot of positive results so probably i'll give this a try.. hope it works for me.... it's really frustrating to have acne.. keeping my fingers crossed....


ugh...will this work???
i REALLY am going to get on my feet and walk to the shampoo store right now...
i spend like hundreds of dollars per month to get rid these pimples and it ain't working..
now u are telling me that a merely 2 dollar will heal all this scarry pimples???
I hope this works for me...
jesus loves you soooo much for sharing this...^^


ok, im going to try it, and we'll see how it goes. i'll post a reply in 3 days.

brian z

I have suffered from acne most of my teen and adult life and have tried everything. I am 42 years old and was at my witz end. I have tried everything from oral medications to smelly and expensive ointments but the acne always returned. I finally saw the blog for head and shoulders and am so happy with the results. Who knew that something so simple and inexpensive could work so well. I encourage anyone who has trouble with body acne to run out right now and by head and shoulders. P.S. The no name store brands work jusy as well

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