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Try drinking Sunny D
Potato Chips,
Trust fall with someone or on the couch (this only works for 10 minutes)
Lemon Sucking (ugh)

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Sunny D isn't real orange juice. Stay away from those sugars! Make sure to always look on the labels for 100% real fruit juice. They may say ' made with real fruit juice', but most cases it's less than 25% real and the rest artificial. These people know how to market their products, don't let them fool you.
No potato chips. No good comes from them. Very bad snack choice. When you're sick,stick to the fruit and grains.


This worked wonders for me thank you...the trust fall really takes the soreness away instantly


I legitimately just trust fell to see if it worked. It did not. I'm a moron, too, I think.


I would stay away from all acidic fruit. IT will only irritate your throat more. Trust fall haha cute but no. Potato chips not likely either. Go with more of the tea and honey. It does wonders.


suck a lemon thats the most heard all day


Are you sure your not mistaking this for hiccups?

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