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Glad to find all your comments, on day 5 after having a molar pulled. No pain after two days, lots of pain since then. I've used essentials oils and knew about cloves for toothaches, but wasn't sure about using it after dental work. After reading the comments, I tried it this morning. Yesssssss!! No pain.

About essential clove oil: You have to dilute it in a carrier oil or it will burn your skin. Mix 5 drops clove oil to a teaspoon of base oil. I use almond oil, but olive oil or other light oils will work just as well.

That Red Cross toothache kit sounds great too, if you don't want to mess around with the oils. I see that the active ingredient is a clove derivative.

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I like you had the problems. Except for I had all my teeth pulled at the same time.. And had dentures put in at the same time.. I was hurting so bad on the bottom I had to take them out within 3 hours, called my dentist and he said go ahead of I was too much to bear, but be weary of dry socket because this is exactly what causes it, air to the exposed bone. I was in so much pain I said screw it, and took them out. Followed by immediate relief, and about an hour later dry socket on the entire bottom left; in at least 3 teeth. I have had dry socket before, but OH MY GOD! It is bad enough in one tooth! Today is day 10, It is the first day I haven't felt like someone was taking a wrench and cranking my left side of my jaw with it! Worst pain ever, I swear I have a really high pain tolerence. I'm only 28 and had to have full dentures because of the problems I have have since birth with my teeth. I am so embarrassed about this , I feel like I never want to leave the house again! But I dont know, they are beautiful, and when I can keep the bottom ones in due to my dry socket, I think ill be really happy.. But as of now, I knew the dentist packed my tooth last time with something, some oil or clove, but wasn't sure what it was. This was years ago, but you guys have saved me!! I will go to the nearest CVS as soon as they are opened! Thank you so much!

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