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I'm 29 and have had rls for ever, but after I had to have my little toe amputated after 5 failed surgeries and 3 manipulations my rls had became quite intense, as to be waking me up at night. I had to have a sleep study done where they actually had to give me a pretty heavy sleeping medication to get me to sleep because of my legs, but they had actually found out thatmy case is one of the most extreme cases that they have ever seen as it doesn't only involve my legs but rather my legs, arms, feet and hands if not on medications. But recently my dosage of mirapex hasnt been working, as im having difficulty again. Its so frustrating, and i Have tried all of the home remedies, nutrient suppliments and nothing is working! To make matters worse, we Have moved to another state eger i have yet to find a new doctor and i have ran out of my medication. I have been trying everything short of going to the er because mine will cause me to not be able to sleep because of how intense this is! I have not been able to sleep in 2 days because of this and im so worn out. I just know that if i was to go to the emergency room, they would look at me weird and think i was inane even though i have all of my med records to prove this condition. i know a lot of people think this condition is rediculous but it is very real and can run your Life if untreated! Im also here to say that with extreme cases like mine, exercising actually does nothing for improvement, as i walk 4 miles a day and has no effect what so ever on my condition! Otc drugs like the ones you can find at walmart, dont work for me either, i do not know if its because they are to weak but its been my experience that they just flat out do not work! Mirapex has been my saving grace with this condition especially after it had worsened after not only the trauma i endured but with my last pregnancy, it was horrible! Talk About aggrevation! That was the most miserable i had ever been in my Life! I do not wish this condition on anyone! And sympathise with anyone who does deal with this aggonizing condition day after day. I hope this med can help others as i know its a fairly new medication on the market!

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Mirapex is not is a drug that is normally used for Parkinsons Disease and I have been using it for my RLS for a number of years. It has very serious sideaffects and I am now in a class action suit against the company. I too have severe RLS. Find yourself another drug before this one ruins your life.


I too suffer from very severe rls, and I also am prescribed mirapex as treatment. I have been taking it for a few years now after finally being told that I do have a problem. See I've been hurting since a very young age, and I am now 44. Although I've lost many hours of sleep, special times with my family and friends, and countless other things, I always felt that there must be a cure for this terrible problem. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this and I wish you well in however you may deal with it. I would like to also ask the person commenting prior to me how the case against Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals is going? I would be interested in speaking with you both if at all possible. There are issues that I have not disclosed for private reasons, but would like to speak with you if you can. Thank you for listening.

Billy....still trying to beat this.

I to have been suffering since I was a child from this terrible thing.When I turned 20 it moved to my arms and that really made me just about lose my mind
trying to sleep at night.I tried Requip
and it did not work for me.I hurt my back
at work as a cocrete finisher & had 2 back
surgeries.I've been on pain meds. since 2005 and as long as I had my pain rls never bothered me.But, when I did not
have pain meds. for a couple of days the rls would start right back.If I tried to take any kinda downers of any kind it would just make the rls worse so the only way I would sleep was if I had my pain meds.I don't know why.Even
Dr.s thought I was just trying to get pain meds. when I told them that.I'm with you on this.I would'nt wish this on anyone in the whole world.I also really liked your story about your dealings with rls and I think it is great that they have a site for people to talk to each other about this.



I have RLS too. Drives me nuts! But since I removed gluten from my diet (that means no wheat, rye, barley, Bulgur, Durum flour, Farina Graham flour, Kamut, Semolina and Spelt) it has helped so much! My husband says he can't believe the difference at night (I'm no longer kicking him awake). I've been sleeping so much better!

In addition, I need to take an iron supplement even though my dr says my iron is fine ( i score 22 out of 300...'normal' range is between 11 and 300 but I added a supplement anyway since 22 is pretty far away from 300!!). I take a liquid supplement named 'Spatone' available in health food stores. I didn't think it would matter if I missed a few doses but guess what? it does make a difference!
Restless leg syndrome runs in my family. Milk chocolate and gingerale and diet coke trigger it for me.
My dad has it and says wool socks when he goes to bed helps a lot. And my brother has it and has to wear boxers not briefs because that makes a difference too.
Hope that gives you some ideas and helps you!


Hi! I have had rls since my first pregnancy when I was 25, (im now 44) I used to have it soooo bad that I would just pace all night long.
My legs start when I get tired in the evening and I have to go to bed or it just gets too uncomfortable.
I have been taking magnesium phos by a company called new era, they are tissue salts and have saved my sanity. I would just pop 4 little tablets on my tongue that melt in moments when ever i need them and always before i go to sleep, and that would make sure that my rls didnt play me up for the night.
I also can get it bad where it goes into my arms, hands and even my spine which is just torture, I feel like theres no escape and Im going nuts or something.
My problem now is something has happened with the company that make the magnesium phos and I cant get any. Im drinking tonic water at night which is just about making things tolerable. The doctors do seem to think that im exaggerating etc, what to do.
Good luck to you all and I hope you find something that gives you relief.


ive had RLS since I was 18 and they started me out on gabepentin 300 mg at night and it worked for a little bit but its like my body got used to it. now Ive been taking gaqbpentin 600 mg and it works but ive been having alot of break through pain while im at work during the day.... AGAIN I hate this!


I too suffer from servers rls, I just don't know what to do! I have tried just about everything and just don't know what to do. I need to sleep! If anyone is awake and knows what I can do, please write!


I feel your pain! I am 54 and have been dealing with RLS since I was 24. Requip has worked the most for me. I've tried all the Parkinsons meds and Mirapex but Requip has been the life saver for me. I am on an extended release form right now along with Lyrica. This combo has helped me take less Requip which my body was getting use to and so I was having to take a lot. I'm now on 2mg Requip XL. I take it in the afternoon with 1 Lyrica, then at bedtime I take 2 Lyrica. I still have break-through right now (been awake all night) I can put my finger on what triggers it except that if I don't take my iron it becomes a problem and if I don't take the vitamins that my doctor suggests. She is a medical/holistic doc and she's great. I also have a sleep doc that has worked wonders for me. What does work for me for sure is hydrocodone. But I don't suggest (and neither does my doc) taking that on a regular basis. But I have taken it when I'm desperate and the relief is heaven. Good luck everyone.


Ok ... I know it's been awhile since I've written about this, but this is unbelievable!! You guys will never believe what I have found out, first of all you all need to watch 'BIG PHARMA' it will change your life, secondly, my husband is going through Physcology courses and one of the topics in the human anatomy section is brain chemicals and what happens when your short of them. RLS is a symptom of low and very crucial vitamins. Ok, so do you all want to know what mirapex is??? You all will literally freak when I tell you this! IT'S A GLORIFIED VITAMIN!!! Compounds are: Magnesium (high doses), Sodium chloride (high doses) and Potassium (high doses) ... Can you believe that crap???? The last couple of days I have been doing a lot of research and I think I have the right mixture!!! You can get these at all drug stores, but I prefer the natural vitamins because you body is able to break them up quicker and leave you in less discomfort for digestion.

twice a day take: 2 Potassium, 2 sodium chloride, and 3 magnisium. The reason is magnisium is easily dispelled from the body at a higher rate! I bet you that if you were to get your blood tested for vitamin levels those 3 will be extremely low! Also, people with RLS also tend to have water weight or bloat moments (as I call them), the potassium and sodium will take of this! They help with dispelling the excess water that has gone into the tissues. When you have an injury to your back, legs or joints, you will most likely get RLS due to damage and your brain will tell your receptors to put these vitamins out leaving your body expelling them. You also need OMEGA 3's ... you can get it in gel capsule form traditionally called, 'FISH OIL', now there are a few that will not make you burp up a fishy taste, natural health food stores will have these ones. This fat is essential, especially to woman as we are now a days lacking of it because processed foods took out the omega 3's and replaced them with the omega 6 and 9 to help with foods to last longer and not go rancid! What a load of crock on these food processing deals! Makes me quite mad!!! Omega 3's also help to control basic natural chemical levels in the brain, helps with depression, anxiety, etc. There are new studies that have found that patients with cancer would take high doses of this and other vitamins (like the ones I mentioned above) and have been cancer free ... I did this just to see with my second bout with cervical/ovarian cancer, and changing my diet; no gluten, no processed foods and eating lots of green veggies and protein and with in 3 months my cancer was gone and hasn't returned (thank god, because I physically can't go through another bout with cancer) Remember, they need to be in high doses. The U.S isn't doing these studies with natural vitamins and herbs, it's mostly the U.K that is. BIG PHARMA doesn't want the public to know this and fights it every time there is study that a university wants to do, to the point where they will sue these universities to hush up. Do this and with in a day you'll feel so much better!!! Do some research of what Mirapex actually is ... first ingredient is sodium! Any how, I feel amazing!! And if you take synthroid or levothyroxin, I have a natural remedie for this to! Pigs have the closest resemblance and say chemical make up as we do, especially when it comes to the thyroid, bladders, heart and digestive systems. I know this will sound sick but it works and it's 100% natural!! Go to the butchers shop and ask for them to save pig thyroids for you, get them as fresh as possible, you dry them in a food hydrater, next you grind it into powder and put in a 100% natural vegetable capsule. Now I'm still working on how much powder to put in the capsule for my dose, as I don't have a thyroid anymore due to 2 bouts with thyroid cancer. The reason why a pigs thyroid is because they secreate the same thyroid hormone we do, the exact same one! This has been used in the way back times, before BIG PHARMA came in the picture! Now, why a vegetable capsule? Because your body will break it down more easy and quicker, instead of it just sitting in your stomach. Did you know that the human body doesn't digest an entire vitamin in pill form? It's to compact and hard for the stomach to break down, so your body isn't getting the full effect when you take pill form, the best thing is to use capsules, preferably vegetable capsules! I've been learning a lot of interesting facts and remedies lately! I hope this helps for most of you!!!

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