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for my severe cramps, I take 2 ibuprofen with warm water or tea (if I can even get out of my bed). if I CANT get out of bed, which usually is the case, I lay on my side with my knees bent and pulled up, so that my torso and legs are at a 90 degree angle, then I like to place a hot water bottle (a small pillow with applied pressure works too) onto my uterus area. the cramps then just come and go, with short moments of serenity, and brief moments of pain. then I usually end up howling for my mom to get me ibuprofen and tea.. ALSO, if you get them mid-day, I like to sit upright in a comfy recliner with a cup of Anise tea (1/2tsp. crushed anise NOT ground, to 1-1 1/2c. hot water. steeped for about 10-15 minutes).
then again, this is just my body, everyone's different.

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Katlin D.

I don't know if your trick works because I just read it. But it seems like it will, I get cramps and they hurt of so ill try that. Thx so much😅

Katlin D.

The heck with multiple comments ?

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