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Apply baking soda to clean arm pits and feet to minimize odor.

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I do know for a fact that baking soda helps for feet.But as far as i know it doesn't help for armpits,And if you sweat alot it just useless.


I've tried dusting baking soda over my natural deodorant (I don't use anything with aluminum in it) many times, and although it works well to control odor, it burns my underarms. It may be a reaction between the baking soda and something in the deodorant, as I've not tried plain baking soda without deodorant under it.


It worked for me. But you have to wet your armpits a bit so the baking soda will stick. Don't use deodorant on top of Baking Soda. Instead use it around the armpits or apply to upper chest area.


baking soda is the best. i do sweat a lot. after taking shower i make a thick paste of baking soda n water n then apply it on armpits. beleive me it works for the whole day n it's making my underarms whiter

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