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I have dealt with angular cheilitis for years now so I will share what works the best and the fastest for me.

When I get the cuts in the corner of my mouth i wash the cuts with liquid dish soap. (Not the kind you put in the dish washer.) This cleans and dries out the cuts. Keeping the cuts or sores dry and clean is the number one concern here. I then apply hydrocortisone cream maximum strength with water resistance to the cuts or sores. I do this three times a day.

At night I put on an antibacterial cream. The hydro cortisone and the antibacterial cream also seems to relieve some of the pain. That is it! This usually works in 24-72 hours if you catch it early. Treating this doesn't have to be complicated.

Don't touch the cuts or lick the sores. This will make the cuts irritated and prolong the healing. Keep the cuts dry besides applying the cream. Avoid acidic beverages and alcohol.

It's has been the fastest and most convenient remedy I have found. God luck and stay well. I hope this helps!


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I just paid $20.00 for a online pdf file to tell me exactly this. I just tried it but from my reseach it really work fast for others.

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