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Liceeee Omgg ! Okaye well Im at school & Guess what i find a bug it was gross ! so i went home & this is what did i got
-plastic bag
-dawn dish soap
-dog shampoo
-Baby oil (to moisterize my hair)
-hand sanitizer
Mix all this together & section your hair in 4 And leave in for 45 min. This really works ! Plus you have to dry all your blankets & sheets & put all clothes in bags over night. Well hope this helps(:

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You can't spell, and this remedy sounds totally bogus, in other words, I don't believe you.


Ok dont try the remedy and live with your lice.. Thanks for the tip


That guy is rude u were probably just typing fast. Anyways I am going to try this but I have a much of everything do u mix together? and does it have to be dawn? And do I apply all of it to my hair?


Try dis later on my kids if it wrks ill come leave a good thng bout it... wish me luck


After a painful five days of treating and unsuccessfully getting rid of my lice I made this mixture and left it on my head for about two hours. I just want to thank you for this treatment because nothing else was working. But this DID!!


Thank you. I hope this works my little sister has this and I don't want to take forever getting rid of it or cut her long hair off.


Sounds promising, but I would not recommend using flea shampoo on children. The biggest reason products like rid don't work well is because the pesticide amount must be SAFE. The same standards do not apply to pet products nor do pets respond the same as our human children.


My twin daughters have lice and I'm having a terrible time getting the nits out. I comb and comb and comb. I'm ready to try something else. This looks promising, but how much of each do I use?


May I also suggest using hair mousse. any brand will do. lather the mousse in your hair making sure you also apply to the scalp. for long hair tie up in a bun next wrap a towel around your head. leave on for about an hour (don't worry about the popping noise you hear) this kills the bugs and nits also daily use of mousse stops you from getting the bugs in the first place... ( my niece has used mousse in her sons hair for 5 years now and they have been lice free even though their school has had many infestations.)


I tried this and it worked on my girls thanks for the tip because headline shampoo didn't work. Also might I add their hair is super soft!!!

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