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Try Vicks VapoRub. I have found this to work wonders. you apply vicks to your nails twice a day, morning and evening and put clean white socks on after applying. I started this (and only this) in june of this year 2012 and now its november 2012 and my nails are almost clear and the thickness is markedly less. My nails are almost back to normal. I figure by the end of the year my nails will be just like they were prior to getting the fungus. I hope this works for others like it has worked for me. I have tried the over the counter fungus remedies but with no success.

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I just started to do the same last week and have already noticed a change for the good. I don't want my nail to fall off just grow healthy. Vaporub seems the way to go!!

Forager Wilde Mtl

13 years with the fungus cut and trimmed it down .Left big toe is the holdout.Have religiously applied Vicks for 8 days.It started diminishing the white mass after 3
days.Iput on a dab at least 5 times a day. Count me in as a beliver.I'm also eating live raw sauerkraut to get it from the gut.


The ingredients in Vicks were tested and it was found that Thyme oil was the most effective at treating fungus. I had a big toenail that was about 75% effected by a fungus so applied it twice a day for 4 months and my nail is completely healthy - I think the fungus may have been dead earlier but it just took my nail that long to grow out. Definitely works!

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