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I'm 19 years old and I have been having panic attacks since my freshman year of college which was last year. Started when I would be in complete darkness and wake up out of my sleep thinking I was in a closed area I couldn't get out of (I'm claustrophobic) this went on almost every other night. I've recently had one and almost thought my life was over. My heart was beating through my chest, my hands were shaking, I was nauseous, my hands and feet were sweaty until I began to feel clammy. I had the chills and I was dizzy. It lasted for about 10minutes but it felt like it was never ending. What causes my pain attacks is stress. I stress myself out even when I'm unaware of it. I worry about things too much. What helps me is meditating. I believe in God so he gets me through my panic attacks. I also write. I write about what's bothering me and it relaxes my mind. You have to realize that it's mental and if you talk to yourself and let yourself know that's its a panic attack and you need to relax. Repeat to yourself that it will be over the moment you realize it's not killing you. Have faith and let go of what's stressing you out. Think positive thoughts! You don't need medication. It's all up to you!

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Donna Sue

Very wise. Im 37 have had it since 14 and i still get them. But everything you sayvisvtrue and you are lucky you figured it out atvsuch a young age :)

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