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I am also a 20 year old girl with quite a noticeable skin tag on my anus, guess its been there two or three years now.

Three or four days days ago I tied a bit of thread around it as tight as possible, and added two more piece since then and its gone quite hard and red but isnt showing any signs of going anywhere.

Like someone else said i think ive tied them a bit too tight to take off now and i dont want to try and blindy cut them with scissors so that may be an embarassing trip to the doctors if it doesnt work out.

Reading the rest of these posts though, im quite hopeful when others have said theirs took up to a month so im not giving up yet!! Any more tips would be greatfully received

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Yes, they DO happen and there are dr's and some nurses who are so bloody condescending when one finally DOES get the nerve to go, many people just decide to keep this embarrassing affliction to themselves... thankful for those of you who are willing to discuss in the board here! Kudos! :)


Does anyone have any suggestions with clipping anal skin tags off with sanitary clean nail clippers. Ofcoarse using rubbing alcohol to keep area clean, neosporin, and band aids.... The thread/floss method sounds painful and I would personally rather just clip them off.

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