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I am also a 20 year old girl with quite a noticeable skin tag on my anus, guess its been there two or three years now.

Three or four days days ago I tied a bit of thread around it as tight as possible, and added two more piece since then and its gone quite hard and red but isnt showing any signs of going anywhere.

Like someone else said i think ive tied them a bit too tight to take off now and i dont want to try and blindy cut them with scissors so that may be an embarassing trip to the doctors if it doesnt work out.

Reading the rest of these posts though, im quite hopeful when others have said theirs took up to a month so im not giving up yet!! Any more tips would be greatfully received

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Hi, any updates on how your procedure went? I'm a 22 year old female, and I just tied off a tag on my butt as well. I started it three days ago, and currently it's hardened and a deep red color.


I am so sorry to inform you girls but it actually sounds like you have an STD called HPV. Look it up you usually get skin tag/ warts around your genital area most commonly around the anus.


Hi guys, I'm the OP. Firstly, no it wasn't a wart, I had it checked out by the doctor who confirmed it was a skin tag. secondly, nice of you to be so judgmental of teenage girls.

To the other young girl, the post above this one is also from me about what it turned out, hope it helps


use tea tree oil and no over the counter feminine products ever again, bathe often and wear cotton undies and cotton pads or tampons, not chemically treated stuff; I never had this but tea tree works wonders on the neck


(I'm not recommending this, just telling how I got rid of my tag.) I had a fairly small hanging skin color tag on my bum, 10 or 12 years ago, and didn't know anything about these things people are talking about using/doing here. I gathered up what I thought I'd need (Neosporin, a band-aid, cotton balls, Puffs, alcohol, and a pair of small VERY sharp scissors). The alcohol was used for cleaning my skin and the scissors thoroughly, the cotton balls and Puffs for wiping any blood or mess that might happen, the Neosporin and band-aid for keeping it clean after. Very confidently, I told my adult daughter that she was going to perform a little surgery on me. She did the procedure for me. There was NO pain, and No blood or mess. Just after it was cut, she said it looked like there had never been anything there. I am still tag free there, and had no problem at all after.


Are you sure it's not hemmoroids on your anus? Be careful and consult a dr. Ouch!

nurse Nikki

People usually don't get skin tags on their anus! Im a nurse and personally it sounds like genital warts as know as HPV the human papiloma virus. Go to the doctor and stop self diagnosing Hun!


People clearly do get skin tag around their anus judging by the number of people discussing them on the web, which you would know if you were actually a nurse nikki. This has been confirmed by a doctor and the same for the OP as she explained in a comment. Don't go around patronising people by calling them 'Hun' when you don't know what you're talking about.


I've removed literally dozens (probably well over a hundred) of skin tags, from patients, my sisters, friends, and a few from myself. It's not typical for the tags to bleed much, but they can. It's rarely painful, just a bit of a sting. A Novocaine injection would hurt a lot worse. I use sharp, sterile scissors (alcohol soaked), pressure until bleeding is mostly stopped, a styptic pen to stop the runnier ones, and antibacterial ointment under a band-aid. The result is you usually can't see there was anything there.

Now, I've never removed an anal tag, but just about anywhere else they grow, I've excised them. Most have been about as big around as a thick pencil lead. You might want to see your doc about removing really big ones. The little ones are really easy and rarely bleed much at all.


Nikki hun, just because you haven't encountered it doesnt mean its not true.
From one nurse to another dont make your ignorance make the rest of us look uncaring.

Anal skin tags can result from anal fissures which can be caused by too firm stools (poo). They can also result from pregnancy. Yes isn't it grand being a woman.

I do advise consulting a dr to double check embarrassing as it is. Apparently They can be surgically removed but most drs seem to think it is cosmetic to do so.

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