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Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 cup of (hydrogen peroxide 2%-3%)and gargle with, guarantee it will get rid of bad breath.

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Please DON'T do the baking soda and peroxide.. Will kill the bacteria( momentarily ) but then it will damage your teeth.. Can turn black... It's a NO NO


Wow thanks for the warning I was about to try it too.


Please don't use Hydrogen Peroxide if you have Silver fillings. Its dangerous. please google it for better understanding.


Thank you for your comments now I better understood that's its dangerous for frequent use for baking soda en that other liquid that u mention...I 'll just ask our good dentist about it... Thank u


Please do not use the peroxide. That is a very strange, random AND dangerous thing to put in your mouth! Aside from the risk of ingesting it, it will damage your mouth!


That's false . Peroxide is great for the mouth and killing germs. It definitely doesn't turn teeth black that is ridiculous.


The first comment claiming that peroxide and baking soda will cause "black teeth" or that it is "dangerous" is completely false! Hydrogen peroxide in the 3\\% version that is sold in almost any store or pharmacy, is safe and recommended as a mouth rinse directly on the packaging! In combination with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective natural, cost-effective halitosis remedies on the market. As long as your bad breath IS NOT a result of rotting teeth/gums, advanced stage periodontal disease, metabolic or GI issues, you have a high chance of controlling and beating the halitosis demon. I am so passionate about this topic because I have suffered from agonizing humiliation most of my life from the worst case of bad breath, brought on by poor oral hygiene and bad eating habits. I have tried everything that was prescribed by dentist - I've had deep cleanings, xrays, prescription-only mouthwashes, you name it I've tried it and the ONLY thing has helped me get a control on the halitosis was baking soda and peroxide. When used correctly this is a powerful and natural controller for bad breath and I highly recommend anyone who is at their wits end to give it a try.


peroxide reacts to mercury amalgum your research. get silver fillings changed to white composite first.

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