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To keep from getting bitten by masquitos take a dryer sheet and rub it on you and your clothing. Something about the dryer sheets they dont like and will keep them away from you...

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dry sheets and fabric softener are toxic. in large doses it is very bad for humans. so I guess in small doses it is bad for bugs.


This really works! A friend told me about it when we were getting ready to go on a camping trip. Tried it and it WORKED like a charm!!


I tried this before & I'm not sure if it didn't work or if it just doesn't work when you sweat because I tried it out while mowing my lawn...??


My husband fished in Alaska for 10 years, he swears bounty are the best dryer sheets. You don't even have to rub them on you. He always put them in his back pockets hanging out a bit.


It doesn't work. I tried it camping thie weekend. I have a TON of bites on my legs and arms. They were even Bounty sheets... DEET will always work better than these.

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