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For one you need to drink ALOT of water! When I first feel it coming on I take a bottle a water and squeeze the juice of half a lime in it and some salt. Make sure the water is a bit warm. I pretty much just drink that all day. I also take the other half of the lime and sprinkle salt on it. Then I basically suck the juices out. I also suggest getting some SEA salt and sprinkling that on your tonsils. Hold it there for as long as you can(it might burn) or for at least 30 seconds then spit and rinse. When I did this I looked at my tonsil in the mirror and the white junk on my tonsil had disappeared! ALSO you'll have alot of spit and well you should just keep spitting all that stuff out! I kept spitting and I actually saw that white bacteria that builds on the tonsil come out. Hope I helped :)

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I suffer from it pretty often. I usually dilute a small amount of TCP (2 or 3 teaspoon fulls) with half a glass of water and gargle with it (making sure not to swallow) That stuff pretty much kills anything and also mildly numbs your throat to sooth the pain. Just an awful taste is the only draw back.


ok I've only had tonsillitis twice but salt is perfect for it, you can gargle salty water or just put salt on your tonsils. ice cream and other cold treats are also effective as they soothe the tonsils and relive some of the pain. I hope you liked this and it helped you;).


I think that tonsillitis is probably the worst illness I've ever had. it can cure by itself but that takes a while so try stuff like ice pops, salty water (gargle) ,ice-cream or hot tea.


tonsillitis is horrible! I had to stay of school for a weak, but, on the second time I had I had it I tried some of these remedies:
.gargling salt water
.eating ice-cream and ice lollies
.drinking warm or cold drinks
.pouring salt on tonsils
.eating lots(even though it hurts)
.staying cool, if you don't you could burn up

these remedies actually work!


Sorry to be the one to ask!! How do I pour salt on tonsils?

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