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Have no insurance and have to wait a month to get root canal and a extraction, so to cope with serious pain omg! Try to use 800mg of ibuprofen (liquid) and Vicodin. Take the vicodin first (750mg) generics are best. The liquid after, it helps to break up solid vicodin much quicker, buy the cvs brand Advil. Works for up to 8-12hrs a day. For serious pain only guys.You can sub the vicodin for 1000-1500mg of generic tylenol too. Really works. And for those who cant take ibuprofens take 2 alieve to 4 no more than 8 a day works ( naproxen).

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Vicodin does not come in 750 mg. Either 5 mg hydrocodone/500mg acetaminophen (tylenol), or 7.5/500 , or 10/325.


and taking that much tylenol will eat your liver! The things people post on here are crazy. Vicodin is a prescriotion and you dont need to take it with that much ibroprofen. Who is this michael jackson???


Works wonders! My dentist petite a script for me for 7.5 vicoden and told me to take the 800mg ibp along with vicoden I get reilf in 15 mins and sleep great! I get neck pain and ear pain with my bad tooth. And this really works wonders for me...


Just wanted to let you guys know if you can't take ibuprofen do not try Naprosen its way more harsh than ibuprofen or aspirin and I know because I have Crohn's Disease and I take Warferin so please call your drug store before listening to some of these Whitney Houston's on here !!!

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