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Do not consume dairy products!!! The vit D in the milk will not allow your body to absorb the calcium and in fact draws calcium out of your bones. Think about this for a minute: This country is pushed into believing dairy is great for you, and we have the highest rate of dairy consumption compared to every other part of the world. We also have the highest rate of osteoporosis, and it's also occuring at younger and younger ages over the years. Coincidence? Absolutely not. You can get all the calcium you need from your food, like dark leafy greens. There are alot of milk sites on the net where you can learn lots more, unfortunately I can't think of the web addys, but look it up and get informed. Your body will thank you!

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Actually Vit D helps your body absorb calcium


Vitamin D, along with magnesium, Vitamin K and Vit C (for collagen production) all help calcium do its job with bone building. It's too much vitamin A that reverses osteoblast production, increases osteoclast (resorption of bone). Take no more than 5,000 IU vitamin A, as Beta Carotene, little if any Retinol or other Vitamin A synthetics in multis. The original commentator meant PHOSPHOROUS in milk, and if drunk too excess, the protein also causes calcium leakage from bones. Only if Vitamin D total 1,500 IU or more will bone 'resorption' occur. Again, all minerals must be balanced. Calcium should be a bit higher than Vitamin D (hence, Calcium at 1,500mg max, and Vitamin D at 800 - 1,000IU) and Magnesium ideally no more than 500mg (divided dose), and Vitamin K at 40-50mcg, etc.


What are you talking about, because they constantly bombarding us not to drink milk but that pee of a skim milk and low fat dairy products we now feed our children with skim milk and then they are suprised that their bones are like twigs. For your information everywhere but here people eat and drink real dairy products. But in moderation. Dairy is not a problem but how they feed and what they do with cows. Why athletes are paying so much to get organic milk if it's so bad.

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