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Alright. Felt this toothache coming on for a couple days but it got BAD tonight. I was swishing water over it, which would relieve it for a minute but then it would come back SUPER BAD. DON'T SWISH WATER OVER IT.

4 Ibuprofen didn't do anything.

The answer: GARLIC. After reading a few remedies on here, I went into the kitchen, peeled a clove of fresh garlic and chomped down. I got it into my saliva and swished that around, and I kid you not, ten seconds later the pain was COMPLETELY GONE. I seriously went for like a 6 - 8 on the pain scale to ZERO. The relief was unbelievable.

SO, I have to give a super big thank you to all you home remedy people, because I feel so damn good right now. And for anyone else looking for a remedy for toothache, just chomp some garlic and swish it over the tooth. Amazing!

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The garlic ACTUALLY works!! I thought I was going to lose my mind and tooth from the pain I've had for days but after chewing the garlic - though it burns - I am now pain free! I just can't believe it.

Great post!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've had this toothache for a couple days, but was able to keep it in check with ibuprofen. Tonight was a different story. Ibuprofen was just not helping. So I tried this remedy with granulated garlic and warm water mixed in a tablespoon. The taste was VERY strong, but well worth it for the relief it gave me. Went from a pain level of 7-8 to 0-1. Heres to a good sleep!


Yep also have severe tooth ache and this was great. tried salt water, vanilla extract even orajel and nothing chewed some garlic and now i can try to get some sleep, perfect. thanks for the post


it stings really bad but ya you are right it does work like a charm


it w0rks.thankyou!

ellie_19 y/o


I sliced some garlic very thin & put it between the cheek & gum by aching tooth.I like garluc but I dont think I could have tolerated chewing it. Took a bit longer to start to burn as a result. I just kept it there until the burning stopped (maybe 20-25 mins?) & then removed it. Taste in mouth is awful. Took a drink to wash down garlic saliva. Then I grabbed a stick of my mintiest sugarless gum & carefully & very slowly on other side of my mouth just long enough to kill off that garlic taste. That helped alot. The garlic really did help. I'm eager to try yhis eith ginger root & possibly raw potato (which worked for me once for back pain). I will report back when I do. Also! For back.teeth something that might help is a gel ice pack (hold it there as long as it feelsvgood


Seriously, I was in agony. I have a root left, that's all and it was killing me! I chopped up Garlic into tiny pieces and put them into some gauze (Bandages work too) I run it under hot water and put the gauze on my tooth, didn't even press down and that hurts as it's just a root, 1 minute and it was gone. Horrible taste after but didn't burn as the gauze stopped it being directly on my tooth Might have to repeat but thank you so much!! xx


The Garlic Trick Doesn't work at all!


I was in agony. I tried all pain meds.. Nothing. I was in tears from the pain. I looked up home remedies and tried the bread and it helped a little. I chewed on some garlic till I could stand then spit it out and the Pain went from a 10 to a 2. Wow! Thanks! Hopefully I can get some sleep and see a dentist tomorrow. Thank You!!


Have been in agony all day with what I think could be a tooth requiring a root canal. Pain gradually worsened till I was literally in tears. No medications worked. Tried antibacterial mouthwash didn't work. Tried bread which gave me slight relief for about 5 mins. Got home and chewed on a clove of garlic (after reading this). Oh my goodness, thank you God for making garlic!!!!! Pain instantly lifted!!! Gob smacked! Then because some of the crushed garlic had entered the cavity about 5 mins later I felt a few little bursts of something in my tooth! Seriously, like the allicin was blowing apart the infection. This was not painful but like a mini firework tickling my tooth from the inside :). No pain now whatsoever!!!!!! :)

I 100% recommend this but you DO need to crush that garlic to release the healing benefits of the garlic :) so pre grind it or just chew chew chew.

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