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Alright. Felt this toothache coming on for a couple days but it got BAD tonight. I was swishing water over it, which would relieve it for a minute but then it would come back SUPER BAD. DON'T SWISH WATER OVER IT.

4 Ibuprofen didn't do anything.

The answer: GARLIC. After reading a few remedies on here, I went into the kitchen, peeled a clove of fresh garlic and chomped down. I got it into my saliva and swished that around, and I kid you not, ten seconds later the pain was COMPLETELY GONE. I seriously went for like a 6 - 8 on the pain scale to ZERO. The relief was unbelievable.

SO, I have to give a super big thank you to all you home remedy people, because I feel so damn good right now. And for anyone else looking for a remedy for toothache, just chomp some garlic and swish it over the tooth. Amazing!

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Mrs. E



So I have to chomo it do I swallow it and eat it?


So I have to chomo it do I swallow it and eat it?


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS HOME REMEDY FOR TOOTHACHE.Being up since 4am in agony.Finally decided to surf the internet and walla the anwser was here.It worked instantaneously...Now i can get some sleep.HOORAY


I had a terrible pain all night and all day. I took painkillers but the pain came back after few hours. i tried garlic and the result was magical. i just placed a slice of garlic on the paining tooth. it worked instantly so well. the pain is gone now. thank you for posting.


oh thank you! I am going to try this today! I've been in so much pain I don't know how much longer I can take this as soon as I get off of work I'm going straight to the store to buy some garlic!


Worked an absolute dream. My Missus was in absolute agony to the point of tears. We read this post and tried it. The pain was gone in seconds but she wants ppl to know how horrendous the taste is. She was nearly sick lol. Great result!!!! ;) x


Wow! Thanks, I was in agony but now I feel good. You have saved me from a terrible night. Why do toothaches hit suddenly at night anyway?

Dr Fayola

I don't know if anyone has brought this to the fore but the reason why garlic is so potent is the fact that it lowers blood pressure and so because the pressure taken to produce pain is lowered pain is dropped. The same goes for most other pressure-reducing items like ginger, they're good for reducing pressure, eliminating gas, and act as antibiotics.


Worked wonders for me! After trying so many different things I was sure nothing would help with the pain, but after doing the garlic,the pain went away within seconds! Thank you (:

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