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Alright. Felt this toothache coming on for a couple days but it got BAD tonight. I was swishing water over it, which would relieve it for a minute but then it would come back SUPER BAD. DON'T SWISH WATER OVER IT.

4 Ibuprofen didn't do anything.

The answer: GARLIC. After reading a few remedies on here, I went into the kitchen, peeled a clove of fresh garlic and chomped down. I got it into my saliva and swished that around, and I kid you not, ten seconds later the pain was COMPLETELY GONE. I seriously went for like a 6 - 8 on the pain scale to ZERO. The relief was unbelievable.

SO, I have to give a super big thank you to all you home remedy people, because I feel so damn good right now. And for anyone else looking for a remedy for toothache, just chomp some garlic and swish it over the tooth. Amazing!

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Allen Vanderford

I didn't have fresh garlic like usual, but found that powdered garlic works just the same and with out the chewing. Didn't take the pain completely away but made it bareable enough to sleep. So on that note I'm off to bed.


Omg that burns worse than chili! And the smell! But it worked, didn't take pain completely away but at least I don't feel like screaming anymore.


So I'm sitting here with garlic powder in my mouth. Burns a little. I hope this works. Can't go to the dentist til Dec. 17th.


it works omg it works


OMG i been suffering for hours and looked up remedies, didnt have fresh garlic, but had powdered garlic. made a sloppy paste and im pain free. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH


Thank God for GARLIC!!! I've always loved it for cooking, but I am so thrilled to have relief from my tooth pain. I popped the max amount of ibuprofen over the course of the day along with massaging orajel (topical pain relief) into the gums around the offending tooth & I was still quite miserable. The relief was so miraculous I'm still in shock. My hubby couldn't believe it either, but he sure is happy not hearing me moan and groan about it. Thank you sooooooo much for posting!


Thank you for sharing this. I was still in significant pain even after using oragel and ibuprophen. I used garlic powder in water and got relief almost instantaneously!


Will garlic powder work


Who though of this its pure genius pain gone in an instant. Time to sleep now thank you who ever it was :-))))


I am completely amazed! I'm not saying that I didn't believe you guys, but, I didn't believe you guys!! I was hurting SO badly. My pain is completely gone after using minced garlic!

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