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Alright. Felt this toothache coming on for a couple days but it got BAD tonight. I was swishing water over it, which would relieve it for a minute but then it would come back SUPER BAD. DON'T SWISH WATER OVER IT.

4 Ibuprofen didn't do anything.

The answer: GARLIC. After reading a few remedies on here, I went into the kitchen, peeled a clove of fresh garlic and chomped down. I got it into my saliva and swished that around, and I kid you not, ten seconds later the pain was COMPLETELY GONE. I seriously went for like a 6 - 8 on the pain scale to ZERO. The relief was unbelievable.

SO, I have to give a super big thank you to all you home remedy people, because I feel so damn good right now. And for anyone else looking for a remedy for toothache, just chomp some garlic and swish it over the tooth. Amazing!

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Work just like you said Thank you for posting it.:-)


Last night, I thought I was going to die of my toothache. I like home remedies over painkillers and I searched and founf your posting. OMG !! It Worked !! I miced the garlic clove and put a spoonful on my gums and tooth. It burned for 2 mins and then the pain was gone. I even slept for 4 ours after that. So, Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!


Thanks so much. tooth has been having it's own heartbeat, I just chewed the garlic after reading your post and my tooth is currently in zero pain,and it's not even nasty.....thankssomuch..'.

Khaled Sheikh

I was fighting damn ache on my probable root canal tooth.. 4 ib bruphin, no use. These painkillers are from china, fake even at superstores. Then searched n found this quick magic cure. It really helped me to focus at 3am morning to write these comments. Well done great remedy.


how long do you have to leave the garlic in your mouth?

Khaled sheikh

Segment to comment number 14,
Actually i made a mistake. I put ginger instead of garlic and it acted faster than garlic.
Amazingly it worked lot better n 100% perfect. Try it.


I have used this remedy over and over, it works great. I must have serious issue because the pain keeps bouncing from tooth to tooth. I wanna use the garlic again but HATE the after taste and the stink it leaves in my mouth. It works right before bed and it's gone when I wake. But between then how do I avoid the stank breath!?!

Bunchie Vela

I'm freaking out...this garlic stuff really works ...thanks a million ...Burns like heck...leaves a funking taste but the pain is fine...Now I can sleep...thank you


At 4:00 in the morning and the pain keeps you up and you can't go back to sleep try this clove of garlic and it will certainly calm the pain so you can get back to sleep. I bit down on the clove and held it in my mouth for a few minutes then swished it around in my mouth and WOw the pain is under control that I can go back to sleep. I could careless about the smell of garlic on my breath. Sleeping is far more important. Thanks!!!!!!


Night tym it was like 1:30 I feel a tooth ache so bad I even cried den I servhed on d net n found dis magic it burns but works awesome gbu u man

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