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I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and was on many different medications to try to fix it but just made me tired, and I was still antisocial and unable to show emotion although I was feeling it. This is going to sound odd but since because wheat products amongst other gluten containing things are so genetically modified over the years, people are starting to show many different side affects of what is used now called dwarf wheat that was created in I think the 1950's to help cure world hunger. There are over 100 different side affects of gluten intolerance and this is one of them. A MAJOR one! After doing many hours upon hours of research and reading the book Wheat Belly I went gluten free. It was a very hard lifestyle change, but within the first couple months I had no longer needed medication, had increased energy, became happy again, and most important started to become more active in my nephew's life!! This may not be a cure for everybody, but this helped me and I am just as happy and have the amount of energy that I did 20 years ago. That book is a must read, and look it up online the link between gluten and depression. Give it a try for a couple months and if it doesn't help then research another route that may be helpful. Its worth your mental and physical health to at least try it. Its hard but there are MANY gluten free alternatives out there like pastas, breads (Udi's is best I found), PIZZA...

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Going gluten free helped my depression also!! I feel like a whole new person.

High Plains Widower

Now I AM depressed.

My dear wife passed away some months ago. One of the 'therapies' I developed for myself - outside of excessive alcohol consumption - was to buy a Bread Machine and play with creating some (great) 'Artisanal' bread recipes.

I have become a true artist with the damned bread machine, albeit a (quite) a bit fatter.

One of the things I discovered about breadmaking is the need here where I live in the high plains (moderately high altitude) for a higher gluten flour, for the best (read: PERFECT) results.

To that end, I bought a can of pure wheat gluten to add to the flour, a can about the size of a small trash can. This stuff works so well, it could probably make a loaf of SAND rise to perfection!

NOW I am bummed out.

The observations about gluten just may be quite valid, and this is not the first time I have ran across this.

Damned if ya do, and damned if ya don't - ain't life interesting.

Either way, it makes me want to cry.

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