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Country: Somalia
instructions: In my culture, when we have a sorethroat we strangle it. How to cure it instead to go a doctor? We drink lot of water,soup,milk with ginger. If you do so three days you will get better soon and brush your mouth 5 times a day.

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How dare you claim a cultural group deadly! Only radical extremists living amongst cultures are deadly and don't think our USA is socially perfect we have blood and crip gangs not to mention our own extremists of skinheads and kkk no people are perfect and we stereotype people so much i hate it! And one mans te rrorist is another mans freedom fighter oh and thank you for the remedy it worked like a charm! Greetings from USA


I bet the milk is not cow's milk and that it's not pasturized. Is it raw goat's milk that you use? I have a milking goat! I am sorry someone has insulted you. It's never good to stereo type a culture. Let's build bridges of friendship instead of hate.

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