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Don't eat chocolate! A little bit every great once in awhile won't hurt you, but if you regularly consume chocolate it will exacerbate the problem. I quit eating chocolate and my dark circles went away. Small sacrifice in my opinion!

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I would rather have dark circles so big they touched each other rather than give up chocolate.


to previous comment HAHAHAHA but yea i gotta agree, give up chocolate?! no way


That must of just be coincidental. I mean really.


You know, this is funny.. Halloween was a few days ago.. and I couldnt help it.. I love chocolate, but rarely eat it.. This is the first halloween I have been home for in years... I've been eating tons of chocolate and this morning I woke up, and had such dark circles under my eyes..


I eat chocolate all the time and don't have a problem with dark under eye may be just coincidental.


i seriously doubt that anyone has completed this study i have found it is impossible to give up chocolate i bet the person who wrote this couldn't last a week she was writing this with a hershey bar in her hand and bags under her eyes


Not a sure thing but could be. Depends on the case/person. (I for example do not eat chocolate at all but here I am on a site looking up possible rememdies).

chocoholic chocolate? Are ya sure? I dont think your sure... you must be...hmmm...outcha dayum mind!! Well, more chocolate for me (munch,munch =)


I GOT A REMEDY FOR EVERYONES CHOCOLATE CONSUMPTION PROBLEM. Think about how it is made in mass quauntity. So you have a bunch of cocoa beans waiting to be grounded up- also waiting to be grounded up is the bugs that are eating off it. SO NEXT TIME U EAT CHOCOLATE you may be eating a chocolate covered NASTY BUG!!!


A woman was told to Kiwi, to build up her immunity system. She ate 2 a day and in two weeks she noticed her dark circles were gone.

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