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My Country is Afghanistan.
Ailineut: Headache.
mix one spoon of lemon water and salt.
put this on you forehead.
Drink herbal rea.

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Its working wonders on my husband so far ! Thanks (:


Thank u so much Dear pain is gone forever


I Just used this remedy for first time on my mom and it actually worked thanks


Is it lemon juice that your using? and then are you just putting the micture literally on the spots that hurt? Any detail on how you all are doing this would be much appreciated!

Kajin Roze

what types of herbal teas? I am interested in getting more of your natural remedies. Please find me at facebook dot com/IAINTINPAIN


Just wanted to say thank you so very much!!! I have dealt with this headache for 3 days, I try your remedy and more headache!!!


hey thanks for the remedy it rely helped especially during exam time when i get every other day


I don't mean to sound dumb so please forgive me, my mom has had a headache for three days and its causing all kinds of problems.... Lemon water? How much lemon to how much water and them when I add the salt is it to make a paste or should it be runny.... My email is if someone could help me help my mom thank!

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