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I was in serious pain. Stupidly I let 3 teeth get in a bad state. All were on the right side at the back. Have been in agony for days. Dentist tomorrow. Am sure they will just be pulled out. No loss! The only thing that has worked after paracetamol & ibrufen quit their job, is vanilla extract. On a cotton wool mcjobby between my teeth and gums. I am just enjoying not being in tremendous pain.

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What did the dentist do after?


Thank you Thank you Finally Peace!

Kevin Lindley

Fed-up with having perfectly good teeth removed because of unbearable pain. One time, after the dentist proscribed the usual course of antibiotics and the pain and facial swelling eased, I decided to see how long I could use the tooth before the pains returned. Nine months before I felt a twinge. Then tested various methods of killing pain other than using illicit antibiotics obtained on the web (Spain, but I think Customs have closed this loop hole now). I tried medical mouth-washes and that worked for a time but began to suffer excruciating ulcers on tongue and inside mouth made eating like chewing on needles.

Then, thanks to my wife, I found probiotics. Good bacteria fights bad bacteria. Simples!

Multi-billion Acidophilus, two capsules per day sprinkled on food has prevented my open-cavity teeth from further decay and pain. Herbal tincture of organic Melissa, swilled around mouth for five minutes, then swallowed is brilliant in killing any sharp pains and also toning the system. Twice daily is enough but you can take as much as you like and add an occasional paracetemol if pain seems intractable. I've been doing this for six years and I am still chewing my food on these old teeth. Suck on that, dentists! I've also reduced the swelling of several painful abscesses trying to creep back just by continuing with this regime throughout. By rights I should have died of blood poisoning years ago but I am still here with many of my original teeth in my head. Eventually they will painlessly keel over but only after years of added life. It's not pretty to look at but I have learned not to open my mouth too much when talking to people.

My regrets? Trusting my teeth to the care of people determined to apply invasive techniques destroying my body's hard won natural fauna and earning vast profits for life
from the destruction and eventual replacement of still viable teeth with uncomfortable plastic replicants.


I am having terrible pain right now What can do at home stop the pain


Oh my goodness, the Vanilla extract was a God send!!! Thank you so much for the tip. I will always keep it in the house now!!


That's funny, my same exact 3 teeth hurt from probably the same problems. You have helped me a huge deal, thank you.


I have random toothaches in all of my teeth, this worked on my back teeth but not my front teeth. Is there anything else you would sujust?


I tried the alcohol method, orajel, Vicodin, advil, aleve, the works

still the pain persisted. and in the case of orajel, alchohol & salt water, it just made it worse.

i was skeptical of using vanilla, assuming it would have a high sugary type base, but i must say, it took the uncontrollable pain and dialed it back to a dull roar.

thanks a ton. now i can possibly get some sleep soon. can't wait for my root canal appointment... never thought i would say that before lol.


I decided to give this a try and let me tell ya'll that it is Wonderfuland works quickly. I am so thankful that you posted this. I live an hour from anyplace with a 24 hour store, and I was not looking foreward to to the long drive.
Thank You


Well I tryed the vanilla extract, and I did full the pain but I could still fill it. This might work better if your toothache isn't that bad but if the pain is so bad that you can't sleep like myself it will take your mind off of it long enough for you to go to sleep. Thanks for the idea never would have guessed. Oh and if you think that this will hurt or make the pain worse it didn't for me.

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