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Okay. I've tried everything under the sun. And this remedy I happened upon by chance. It's very simple. Use glycerin soap. It gets rid of the itchy skin, the acne, the dryness...basically you end up with beautiful, comfortable skin. I've always had a problem with dryness and itching on the rest of my skin and the glycerin soap cured that as well. I don't have to use lotion on my face or my body anymore, I have no oil on my face (and it's also not dry, it's perfectly balanced so my makeup stays beautiful all day), and my skin is comfortable instead of itchy and painful. I don't use any other acne products or toners or anything. It's awesome! Major soap companies remove the glycerin from their soap (which then causes dry skin which develops into many problems) and then put the glycerin in their other products, like lotions. So they sell you one product that creates a problem, then sell you another to 'fix' it, although many lotions (especially facial) end up causing even more problems, hence needing to sell you an acne product (which usually doesn't fix it either). So you spend a few bucks on a couple bars of soap, and end up 'needing' many more dollars worth of lotions and remedies! Very profitable!

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where can you buy the soap and is it just called glycerin soap???


I use honey glycerin soap to clear up the breakouts on my back (OMG it smells sooooo good too!) and you can buy it in drug stores. Honey glycerin soap is amber-y golden brown, and mine comes in a clear-packaged 3pack.


this sounds awesome , so it cures even teenage acne. how often do you have to wash your face with it?


RE: Last comment

I wash my face with glycerin soap morning and night - it doesn't dry out your skin, so you can wash as many times a day as you like, within reason, of course. Some different types of glycerin soap I use include honey, lemon, strawberry, and blueberry.


thats animal fat that your'e putting on your face, yum!

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