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B. Dudley

I had Psoraisis so bad on 1 foot that I could barely walk, it would crack and bleed,I couldn't even wear shoes, I also had it on my hands that it hurt to pick anything up. I went to a doctor and dermatolosist for treatment, nothing worked. I was prescribed vitamins and steroid creams, lotions, still nothing worked. One day while I was doing a 4 day spring cleaning in my house with windex with amommonia,I noticed that my Psoraisis disappeared, so I thought what would happen if I applied the windex with a ammonia to my badly infected foot. It worked, The Psoraisis disappeared in 4 months. Here is what I did.
I saturate 1 square paper towel with windex ammonia. I applied this to the infected area twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. I would leave the saturated towel on for 10 minutes to half an hour during this time i would put a little pressure to mold the saturated paper towel to the infected area making sure my skin absorbed this ammonia, after 10 minutes to half hour remove the paper towel and let air dry, do not wash off the infected area, I kept applying this treatment for 4 month and in 4 months it was gone. No more pain or itching and no more sleepless nights. The once infected area is slightly pink due to scarring. The Psoraisis has been in check now for a couple of months. Every so often I have a small breakout, I just apply this treatment and it is gone in a couple of days. I do though apply this treatment twice a month to infected areas to keep the Psoraisis in check, it has worked for me so far.
Psoraisis is a fungus and ammonia kills fungus

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psoriasis is an autoimmune disease not a fungus. read the windex material safety data sheet (msds). windex is a skin health hazard with adverse effects on your hematopoietic tissue, blood, kidneys, and liver. toxic to aquatic life, don't use on wood or varnished furniture. its your life but i would stop immediately. this is extremely dangerous and toxic.


this is the same advice they give in my big fat greek weddding...LOl


i do agree with tamil, just to let you know and everuone has skin problem any kind what you see on your skin is just a warningsignal that there's problem with your amune system, after long strugeling with psoriasis m i found follow a vegan and free gluten diet the best way ever to stay comletly health even for cancer, just get a juicer and start juicibg greens. you can check alkaline diet, vegan,check your PH,stop right now using table salt and get only the sea salt. i will send more information. good luck


I have open gaping cuts on the palm of my hand from psoriasis. I can't imagine soaking it in Windex. I'm sure that would be extremely painful.


OMG you need to seriously stop this. You need to get this looked at bt a doctor as it may not be psoriasis at all. My family suffer from psoriasis and we also have asthma and a range of food allergies which the doctors tell us are all part of an autoimmune issue. We also have low iron, low vitamin b12 and d. Also a number of us have thyroid issues as well. It is something we have all had to live with.

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