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I've had a partially clogged Eustachian tube on and off for years and I've tried it all; nasal steroids, steam baths, heated oils, ear candling etc. The only thing that seems to really help is using a neti pot on a daily basis.

1/4 tsp of good high quality salt (I use finely ground pink Himalayan salt) to 1 cup of room temp water.

Obviously if you're putting something into your sinuses you should be using distilled or filtered water. There are all kinds of hygiene issues, so using the best quality and safest ingredients is always recommended.

Anyways, I clear my sinuses with the neti pot, then once I have a good flow of water going I plug up my draining nostril, remove the neti pot and quickly plug up the other nostril. With my nose plugged, I gently (GENTLY) blow (valsalva maneuver) and push the salt water mixture into my Eustachian tubes. It can help to hold your head sideways or bend over and let gravity help guide the water where you want it to be. You'll know when the water gets into your Eustachian tubes, it is a very distinct feeling and the internal sound of pressurizing air takes on a different quality.

That's pretty much it. I will repeat this move of gently forcing the water into my Eustachian tubes and playing with my ear pressure, valsalva, reverse valsalva and then the good old fashioned swallow a lot and move your jaw to re-pressurize until I've used all of my salt water.

This opens up my hearing, removes that heavy pressurized feeling and seems to last for a few days. The more frequently I do this, the longer the beneficial effects seem to last. Hopefully it will eventually clear out the blockage in its entirety.

I hope it works for you too. I know how intensely maddening this whole blocked Eustachian tube thing can be.

Good luck.

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Thank you! That's the best I found on the net!


I am facing clogged ear problem since last 2 months, usually when change my position from setting to standing, both of my ears blocked for some 1-2 minute. than its fine until i set again. please guide me .... in simple english.


Didn't work for me. I felt like I was doing more damage than good.


Well it certainly helped my left ear feel better but my right (the one i'm really having problems with) still feels like its clogged it felt like it popped at first but after i gave it a few minutes i realized it still felt clogged. Must not be my eustation tub that is the problem this time around


I tried this after my doctor recommended Allegra-D, which was slightly but annoyingly mood-altering. It sounds crunchy when gently blowing and still does when I swallow. Doing this also hurt a bit, but maybe with some practice it will fix my Eustachian tubes! Thanks for


I have had trouble with my ears all my life since I was a baby . Had tubes when I was age one and twelve tonsils and adnoids taken at tweve also. Ears ring constantly lately louder than ever been to drs don't really do any thing. Now no job no insurance. Tried ocuvent helped a little but not a lot but now I've tried this and my ears popped and I do hear better. Ears still ringing but hearing better. I'm also using the half alcohol half vinegar solution in my ears after doing this then when all water is cleared out I use ocuvent. Ill update later.


It is possible to kill yourself this way. Do your research.

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